Fresh 2 Def

     F2D Apparel (Our heart beat); became an inspiration, February 8, 2022, to continue the voyage of adult male to adolescent male mentoring. 

     In 2013 I started Tomorrow's SEED Inc. It was birth with the concept of adult male to adolescent male mentoring, because God gave me a passion to empower the male population. I raised three children whom are all successful college graduates. My two sons were both drafted NFL Players despite being raised in a community which at the time was heavily polluted with drug deals and crime. 

     I watched so many young men who later got caught up in a life style of their own  environment which influenced a negative future. I have a passion that is stirred up in my heart; that if young men at the tender age of adolescent don't have positive role models in their lives, they could possibly become influenced by the streets. When boys become men they need to have positive male role models which will let them know that all streets aren't created equal. I prayed "Lord I would love to  create opportunities for men whom have been looked upon as, "you've gone too far" "You messed up Bro" "No one will give you another chance". It's never too late. With God all things are possible.     

    Our mission is to provide positive mentoring relationship to the adolescent male, equipping them and empowering them to be prosperous, productive members of society.

     We know a "House divided can't stand" Matthew 12:25. Her passion is to inspire men to take their rightful position in God's Kingdom. Men should Love God first, protect their wives, teach their children, and ultimately creating a strong family union.  


F2D Apparel (Fresh 2 Def) is a Brand that inspires men to feel, Fashionable, Cool, Attractive, Stylish,


     We believe God will use this platform to continue the voyage first intended and supply us with everything necessary to get our houses in order.


Mary Ann Brown, CEO